A blog about things, usually the side projects I've worked on.

Revamping My Landing Page

Reasons why I decided to revamp my landing page and discussing the tech choices.

Getting Real-time Data from Spotify, and why?

Why I decided to display the most recent songs I played on Spotify to the rest of the world.

Building My Own Backward Compatible Game Library for Xbox Series S|X

Ruby on Rails application to fetch, display, and sort Backward Compatible Xbox/Xbox 360 Games.

Tiny Express Server for People Who Want to Contact Me in a Non-conventional Way

Node.js microservice to send and receive emails, create subscribers for newsletter lists.

filetotext - A Not Dodgy Way To Export Text On Images

A not dodgy Vue.js application to extract text from images.

Quickly Archive Public Twitter Accounts

Archiving public Twitter accounts with a Telegram bot.

Predicting Real Credit Risk Data

Comparison on the accuracy, precision and recall performance of classification algorithms on real credit history data.

Automating HackerNews Stories

Creating an API to query daily most popular tech stories.

Logistic Regression Implementation using Batch Gradient Descent

Implementing the Logistic Regression with Batch Gradient Descent with Python.

Why I started using Jekyll

My thoughts on Jekyll and why I believe it is one of the most efficient blog solutions.

Scraping Top Rated TV Episodes from IMDb

Late night programming with web scraping on IMDb and some thoughts about overall TV series.

My old personal landing page built with Vue.js, Node.js and AWS Lambda.

My, now dead, kinda messy old landing page.

London Loo Codes: Get The Toilet Codes of Cafés in London

A React app to get Loo Codes across London.

Nearest Neighbour Implementation

Implementing Nearest Neighbour from scratch. Your Spotify History and Recommendations

Check the top artists and songs from your Spotify listening history.

fliks - A Search Engine for Netflix/Other Streaming Services

A Netflix, Google Play, iTunes Search Engine created with Flask & Python.

Pokédex Builder

Writing my own minimalistic Pokédex database with web scraping using Python.

Building a Telegram bot to automate price tracking e-mail notifications

Step-by-step guide to build a Telegram bot of your own and host it on Heroku for free.

Sound Maze: Interactive Machine Learning Game

A Machine Learning project where the player tries to escape from the maze by random sounds of everyday items.

Tube Line Status: Check Transport for London status from Amazon Echo

Check the Transport For London services in real-time with your Alexa device.

Implementing a Spellchecker on Java

CLI-based spellchecker application implemented with Java.

Paint5.js - Paint-like web app built with p5.js framework

A very limited version of Microsoft Paint that works on the web browser.

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