Fri Jan 17 2020fliks - A Search Engine for Netflix/Other Streaming Services

Live Project Link | GitHub Repo

This is a simple Flask app that I built for myself. I needed something minimal and straightforward to search for things.

There is also a What's New section to check the latest releases on Netflix.

The app runs on Heroku and checks with multiple API's to serve the content.

I am caching some information on Redis to avoid making multiple API calls.

Update 1 OK. I hear some of the feedback. What's New part is now giving the information based on your IP address. I also added the country list dropdown.

Update 2 The search bar now stores the previous search. Thanks for the feedback stranger.

Update 3 IP feature is completed for across services too. It now works everywhere in the app.


Search Across Services

notion image

Netflix Search

notion image

Checking Available Countries

notion image

What's New on Netflix

notion image

The app/functions/instance/ is storing the credentials (it's the only file missing from this repo), for which services I use feel free to drop me a line.


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