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Like most of the developers, I like to keep up with tech-related news happening across the world. I believe it is a vital part of my job, and thankfully, I love it. In my case, I prefer to read blog posts, news and articles or listen to podcasts about technology. My go-to website, in this case, is Y Combinator's Hacker News.

I like automating things, it is not because I am lazy; but I find them extraordinarily efficient in the long run. If I built a habit of some sort, I always try to automate it to save up some time. (So I can play Overwatch)

As a solution to the above problem, I thought about creating a little application to skim through the tech stories and send the top ones to my mobile device straight away. So in this blog post, I will be talking about my intentions and technological choice justifications about why I developed this API.

Moreover, this API is entirely public and available at all times for everyone. A friend has already created a little reading app as a practice to learn React.

So let's get back to the post.

I am a Python guy; if I need to develop something, like a quick solution or automation, I almost always go with Python. It's simple and gives me rapid results. So when I started developing this project, I picked Python from my toolbox of programming languages.

Initially, I created this script to ensure that I get the data of news directly from HackerNews' Firebase real-time database.

Python code:

notion image

When I run this code, It took 200 seconds to finish in a relatively new Macbook Pro. I was appalled. Like, was this normal? I executed the code again, and I got a similar result.

notion image

Therefore, I decided to write the same code in Nodejs. And I did.

NodeJS code:

notion image

The same thing only took 3.1 seconds for Nodejs.

notion image

Honestly, less than 20 seconds was undoubtedly okay for me anyway, so 3.1 seconds was a miracle. I didn't test other languages at all since the Node result already fulfilled my condition. After I establish a decision on the programming language, I created an Express server to start the development.

The API is using a Model-View-Controller design pattern, and I will explain the individual components below.


The model contains the database architecture. Currently, the API has only one model named news. This is to store the relevant information. I used MongoDB along with Mongoose.

notion image


The system has


as the only route.

notion image

The subroutes are generating unique data for the request. Here is the code of /top, for instance.

notion image


This is the place where I implemented the application logic.


This component has the functions implemented in the first place for testing request speed. Additionally, there are two further functions added; insertDB() inserts the individual story data to database, deleteDB(), on the other hand, purges all the data stored to restart adding process.


This component simply has one function for sending stories to my Instapaper account. I added some forethoughts such as to prevent sending stories with no URL. However, Instapaper API has already some of them; for instance, it does not accept duplicate stories, so I did not create anything to reassure that.

notion image


App js is the main file to control over the MVC components as well as some CRON jobs.

The first automated job ensures to update the database every 3 hours.

notion image

The second cron job sends the top 10 stories to my Instapaper account at 23.55 every day.

notion image


Here is the proof; all stories are downloaded to my phone and available for offline reading. I think I invented the newspaper.

notion image
notion image

Further Developments

Since it is a working product at the moment, the API opens so many possibilities to work on. I can create a mail list and send the top stories to people who have registered; I can generate keyword notifications so people also can receive stories on tailored keywords. These are the ideas I thought about whilst I was writing this post, and I am sure many more features can be implemented. However, this is the end for me. Overall, I think it was a useful project, and I will be using it daily.



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