Sun May 31 2020Why I started using Jekyll

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Today, as of 31st of May, 2020; I decided to create a blog of things and thoughts; particularly the toy projects I made.

I researched on how to create a blog secure, fast and effortlessly.

I could use a service such as Medium or Tumblr, but I wanted something that I can transition into a portfolio in the future. I needed the flexibility, but I didn't want to set up a database, write CSS and JavaScript, apply everything on the mobile responsive design etc. It was too much work for a little blog to be perfectly honest.

I thought about WordPress. It was flexible and secure, but I still needed to deal with hosting. Then I came across with Jekyll; it was the perfect tool that solves my problem without even coding. Besides, I could host it for free on GitHub Pages.

At the end of the day, I found my solution. The blog was ready in less than five minutes.

Thanks, Jekyll.


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