Mon Mar 02 Your Spotify History and Recommendations

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This is a React.JS project where people can see their top songs & artists by logging in with their respective Spotify accounts. The user can also create playlists with their top tracks, including in the last month, over the previous 6 months and account lifetime.

This app was initiated with create-react-app by Facebook.

To run:

yarn install
yarn start

Known Issues

  • Logout is not properly working at this point, clicking the logout button deletes the access token cookie stored on the browser, however, the user needs to go to Spotify's website and logout from there as well. This is the only way to login with other Spotify accounts at the moment. Logout link


Main page && the buttons are disabled until login

notion image

Getting all time artist info

notion image

Mobile version of the app

notion image

Displaying track information && save as a playlist button

notion image

Created playlist on Spotify

notion image

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