Fri Aug 10 2018Paint5.js - Paint-like web app built with p5.js framework

Live Project Link | GitHub Repo

This project was written entirely in JavaScript and p5.js framework. Since JavaScript is on the rise and it is practically the only programming language that works everywhere, I was keen to dive into the concepts such as promises, ES6/ES7 and the other bits. However, I was missing some foundational knowledge like how the DOM (Document Object Model) operates when it is modified by the user

Thus, this project was interesting and ideal for me to learn and demonstrate what you can do on an empty canvas using just JavaScript and CSS.

You can draw stuff on the canvas, add stickers, use effects, put shapes etc. I would say, this is a very limited version of Microsoft Paint that works on the web browser.

A sample screenshot of the application where I didn't obviously create the sketch!
A sample screenshot of the application where I didn't obviously create the sketch!

You can use JavaScript both on the server and client-side, you can create mobile applications using technologies like React Native, and you can create fully-featured cross-platform desktop applications with libraries such as Electron.

In summary, it was exciting to deep dive into the concepts of JavaScript and learn how to write it better. Eventually, I'd guess I will have a lot of JS projects in this blog.

Thanks for reading.

PS: After three years later, I revamped my landing page & blog which I used another JavaScript library (Next.js) where I use Notion as my primary CMS which is also written with JavaScript (Node, React). Think I made a good call there!


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